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Photo Facial

Photo Facial

Photo facial treatment is full face, neck, hands or body treatment using the following energies combined in the same pulse

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
  • Infrared (IR)
  • Laser
  • RadioFrequency (RF)

This gentle no-downtime treatment is used to improve the cosmetic appearance of the face, neck or body

Photo facial treats

  • Sun Damage
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Spider Veins
  • Facial Redness
  • Rosacea

It also gives you a youthful glow and plumper look by boosting collagen; it’s a good all-round skin rejuvenating treatment

Say No to Pesky Pores with Cosmetica

Besides those zombie-like dark circles, graying hair, pimples and wrinkled skin, the latest bee in a woman's bonnet is her enlarged pores. And guess what this fixation is called? It's termed as 'Porexia'. When it comes to skin pore size, the thumb rule is, 'the smaller the better'. When pores are tighter, light reflects better. You get an overall appearance of vitality, youthfulness, and health

You might think that those with dry skin wouldn't have to deal with open pores but unfortunately that's not the case, though people with normal and dry skin tend to have smaller pores than those with an oily or combination complexion, they may still be susceptible to certain pore problems. Dry skin and clogged pores tend to go together. Close attention to your skin care routine, and perhaps changing the products you use, may help unblock your pores and make your skin less dry

Let's get Pore-fect

This gentle treatment is safe for all skin types

How is the treatment done?

  • Do not pick or squeeze pimples as this will only spread the infection making you look worse
  • Avoid using harsh abrasives and soap on your face. It can aggravate skin pore enlargement and lead to more acne
  • Keep your face free of excess oils as it keeps your pores clean and healthy
  • Use cleansers and toners that are mild and enriched with AHAS (Alpha Hyrdoxy acids). They help keep the acid mantle undisturbed whilst at the same time doesn't make your skin look shiny
  • Use exfoliating agents such as a topical retinoid to remove any excess dead skin cells that accumulate around the pore
  • Protect your skin from the sun as it will reduce the enlargement and clogging of pores
  • Rub a block of ice on the affected area as it helps in decreasing the pore size
  • The presence of oil and dirt in the pores make it more obvious. Hence, exfoliate your skin to keep these culprits at bay
  • Always remember to wash off the make-up before retiring to bed, enabling the skin to breathe through

Myth buster

If, you think washing your face with soap and water several times a day is good for you, you are wrong. The pH balance of skin gets distributed by overuse of scrubs and deep cleansing soaps due to its alkaline and acidic properties. Soaps deplete the skin of its natural moisture reservoir and pre-dispose it to bacterial attack, leading to acne

Cosmetica’s guide to manage open pores

Do you find it difficult to conceal open pores on your skin? They are mostly around the nose, cheeks on the face. Though you can cover them up temporarily with make-up, there are also ways to get rid of them permanently. Read below to get the real deal from Cosmetica

Why do pores increase in size?

Certain factors like the ones mentioned below are responsible in increasing the pore size

  • Oily skin
    You will notice that people with overactive oil glands (or oily skin) tend to have larger pores. Essentially, with so much oil production, the pores get blocked, which can result in inflammation within the pores. This inflammation and extra sebum causes build-up and stretches the walls of the pore canal. Ultimately, with this constant stretching, the elasticity of the pores reduces, and the opening becomes larger
  • Excess exposure to sunlight
    Sunlight damages the collagen in the skin ultimately reducing elasticity as well, which in turn leads to increased pore size
  • Ageing
    Due to the degradation of natural proteins which maintain the skin’s texture and complexion, the skin loses its elasticity and has pores which are bigger

What daily routine should one follow to improve this condition?

  • First, of all, don’t over-wash your skin. When you wash your face more than twice a day, your skin thinks that there is too little oil in it. This makes the glands overproduce oil ultimately making you greasier and your pores look even worse
  • Second, use a salicylic acid based cleanser that helps reduce oil production by the sebaceous glands
  • Third, don’t over-exfoliate your skin. When you do aggressive scrubbing, your skin gets dry and inflamed. This causes your oil glands to secrete more protective substances while your pores get clogged with inflammatory byproducts>
  • Next, use a retinol-based product every night. Retinol is derived by vitamin A and works by gently exfoliating the skin from within. This reduces oil secretion and also unblocks those pores, making them appear smaller and clearer
  • Also, don’t pop your pimples. When you try to extract your pimples yourself, you damage the pore, making it unable to go to its original size. Get it extracted by our certified dermatologist who will do the procedure in sterile conditions, ensuring your pores remain unharmed
  • Finally, wear sunscreen. It will help protect your skin from the collagen degradation caused by UVA rays, ultimately keeping your skin fresh and clear for the years to come

Cosmetica’s latest advancements in pore reduction technology

Now, there are a multitude of options to make your pores smaller. For example

AFT Technology: a light-based device that focuses on rejuvenation. Natural light penetrates deep in the skin to stimulate new skin and collagen formation, ultimately making your skin look brighter, clearer and fresher, almost instantly! And, it has minimal to no side-effects with a zero downtime

Clearlift: it penetrates deep into the dermis to cause collagen stimulation. This collagen will then make the skin more elastic, making it appear younger and pore-free. It also works to improve pigmentation, and it has zero recovery time, so in 20 minutes you walk out looking like a brighter version of yourself

Pixel Perfect Technology: to essentially force the skin to self-exfoliate, making new skin form within seven days. However, this has a downtime of nearly a week

The last word…

Come to Cosmetica to get your prescription from our dermatologist for treating your pores. You can treat this at any age, and now with all the latest technology available, you too can get the skin you want. Open pores give irregular and dull look to your face because the light rays are reflected unevenly from irregular surface of skin with open pores

Must Try : get dermatologist assisted skin care regime tailored for your skin, by visiting Cosmetica India

How can you close your enlarged pores?

Open pores occurs because of unchecked oil secretions at younger age and lax skin at older age. Nonetheless, controlling oil secretions is very important in stopping new open pores; we can help you with skin care regime tailored for your skin needs; all you need to do is answer few simple questions about your skin and leave the rest to us!