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Pigmentation Therapy

Pigmentation Therapy

Do you have dark patches on your skin, especially on your face? The dark pigmentation is a result of extra melanin in the body. Too much sun exposure can trigger the problem, but so can other common causes, such as pregnancy or Addison’s disease. Often home remedies will be enough to do the trick. However, deeper or darker pigmentation might require over the counter medication or even medical intervention in order to help even out your skin tone

Cosmetica Professional Treatment for Pigmentation

Sometimes home remedies and skin care products simply don’t work; it might be time to speak your doctor for professional treatment to whiten the skin

Cosmetica’s Prescribed Creams

There are many creams that might work by blocking the production of melanin. Since these are very powerful creams, they require doctor’s prescription

Cosmetica’s De-pigmentation Peel or Mask

Some masks might contain chemical peels that lighten your skin. These masks contain ingredients that block the production of melanin, and lighten the darker areas. The treatment usually begins in a doctor’s office, where the mask is applied. It continues at home with prescribed creams to complete the treatment

Cosmetica’s Laser and IPL Treatment

If the first two treatments don’t work, it might be time to move to the third treatment. This treatment uses a fine light to target darker patches of skin, causing the patches to scab over and fall off, so that a new layer of skin can grow in its place. These treatments might not be suitable for everyone, however; it is important to have an in-depth analysis of the pigmentation of your skin to determine which of the more invasive treatments are right for you