PRP Treatment in Delhi

PRP Treatment in Delhi

In recent years new technology has been developed, that is used to treat many diseases. In PRP patient have platelet cells separated from their blood and then injected into the scalp which causes hair to grow faster and rejuvenate the face. The benefit of using your own blood is that your own body doesn’t reject the blood. It can also rejuvenate your skin, improving texture and tone with a gradual natural change when we used on the face. 

What is PRP Treament?

PRP is a form of cosmetic injectable treatment that uses the client's own platelet-rich plasma. The plasma components contain stem cells and growth-rich platelets. It accelerates the body's natural production of collagen and elastin to provide overall skin rejuvenation.

The Purpose of PRP Treatment:

Hair loss: PRP treatment for hair is used to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.
Tendon injuries: In the case of tendon injuries, Doctors have used PRP injections to treat chronic tendon problems, such as tennis elbow, and Achilles tendonitis because PRP treatment increases the healing capacity of the tendon.
Acute injuries: Doctors have also used PRP for acute sports injuries such as knee sprains.
Osteoarthritis: PRP injections are used for treating osteoarthritis. 

PRP therapy procedure 
It is a step process . In this maintenance therapy is required in every 4-6 months.
Step 1 :
A medical professional draws blood from a vein in the arm and then centrifuge (a machine that spins rapidly to separate fluids of different densities). 
Step 2:
After about 20 minutes in the centrifuge, your blood will have separated into three layers :
platelet poor plasma 
platelet rich plasma 
red blood cells 
Step 3:
A medical professional extracts the platelet-rich plasma into a syringe and then injects it into the area of the scalp where the patient needs increased hair growth. The entire process may take about 1hour.

Benefits of PRP treatment for hair loss and skin 

It stimulates hair growth and the overall health of existing hair.
PRP treatment for the face is used to improve the tone, texture, and brightness of the face.
The skin is firmed and tightened after using PRP.
The wrinkles and lines are softened.
The skin softness is increased.

PRP hair treatment side effects 

In this therapy, we use clients' own blood so they aren`t at any risk of getting a communicable disease. Still, any procedure that is injectable has some side effects such as:
1)Mild pain at the injection site.
2)scalp tenderness 
6)Temporary bleeding at the injection site  
8)calcification at the injection points
9)Scar tissue

Risks of PRP Hair Treatment 

When you have to go for your consultation, many doctors will recommend against PRP treatment in such conditions:
1)if you are on blood thinners 
2)in case of heavy smoking 
3)have a history of alcohol or drug misuse

Treatments are also rejected in this condition:

Acute or chronic infections 
Chronic liver disease 
Chronic skin disease 
Hemodynamic instability
Metabolic disorder
Low platelet count 
Thyroid disease 
Sysmetic disorder

The following should be expected after the Procedure:

1)Minimal swelling and bruising to a varying degree and redness for 12-24 hours.
2)Apply cold compression.
3)Keeping the hard elevation.
4)Using arnica Cream.
5)Some patients may experience headaches.

Recovery Time :
After PRP treatment you can continue your daily activities. PRP injections are intended to promote healing or growth,you may not notice an immediate difference after receiving the injections.In several weeks or months, the area may begin healing faster or growing more hair than you would have expected.


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